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March 2013

Intro to Acrylic

Introduction to Acrylic Painting   Kay Brathol-Hostvet

Fast-drying, low-odor acrylic is a versatile painting medium! The focus of this workshop will be on learning to mix colors, using mediums, and learning basic painting techniques through practice exercises and a final project. Several short, useful exercises will help you understand paint-handling and basic color theory before you begin a painting from a still life or your own photographic references (your choice). Sat/Sun, March 2 & 3  9-4 Sat, 10-5 Sun  Held in conjunction with UW Continuing Studies. Registration is handled by UW, please see link below. 


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Decorative Paper Tehnique - Pochoir

Decorative Paper Tehnique - Pochoir

Decorative Paper Tehnique - Pochoir

Pochoir Stencils (French Stencil technique)  Mini Workshop Jackie Hefty

Pochoir stencils may find their way as book images, decorative paper designs, scrapbooking and/or greeting cards.  A terrific alternative to screen printing and a great way to utilize some less expensive pastels. Simplified images and designs work best as you learn the basics. A good cutting matt and x-acto knife will be necessary. Minimal supply list.  Tues March 5  1-4 $40/$5 materials

Mixing Acrylics

Fun with Oil Pastels and Craypas Mini Workshop     Kay Brathol-Hostvet                  

Remember how fun it was to color in your coloring books?  This relaxing little workshop lets "grown-up kids" explore the oil pastel medium through several colorful, imaginative exercises without the financial commitment of having to buy oil pastels and paper.  All supplies provided, no art or drawing experience necessary!   Fri March 8, 9 - noon  $60


Fun with Graphite Mini Workshop     Kay Brathol-Hostvet   NEW!               

There is a simplicity to graphite that most of us admire, from doodles using an ordinary #2 pencil to super realism done with pencils ranging from very hard to very soft "leads." We'll play with various types of graphite pencils and manipulate graphite powder in a range of fun projects. You'll learn a whole lot about erasers as tools, too. All supplies provided, no drawing experience necessary! Fri March 8, 1 - 4,  $60.



studio set up

Encaustics   Bobbette Rose

Painting with wax is an ancient  technique that has gained a growing contemporary revival. Learn about the encaustic medium and method - from classical to the wildly experimental. This will be a great experience for the beginner as well as a good review for the seasoned. There will be plenty of hands-on time as well as short demos, examples and personal feedback throughout the day.

All supplies are included but you might like to bring your own special papers, leaves, zerox and inkjet prints, drawings, stencils, stamps, threads and collage materials, etc.    Sat   Mar 16   10 - 4:30 $120/$20 materials

Paired Needle Binding

Paired Needle Binding

Book Structures: Paired Needle Binding Jackie Hefty

It just sounds difficult, not really so hard, but it gives you bragging rights! You will be sure to impress your friends or family with your bookmaking skills when you show them this creation. An exposed stitching design on the spine of the book resembles a herringbone pattern.  This book is designed to lie flat when open which allows for ease in drawing or writing. Makes a great gift! Previous book making is recommended, but not required. Minimal supplies are necessary to continue making beautiful books at home. Class sizes are limited. All materials needed are included but suggestions for personal embellishments are provided in the supply list.  Sat & Sun Mar 23, 24   1 - 4    $65/$10 materials

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