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a Retreat to Nature for the Creative Mind

 June 2019





What can I say, I like ferns... and tall grass... and flowers....






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 Painting Workshop TBD   Jacqueline Sullivan   June or September 


Arranged Compositions

More information and programs are coming - work in progress.


Arranged Compositions from Life    Kay Brathol-Hostvet  

Using your favorite drawing or painting media, we will explore personal interpretations of still life using plants and unique objects. Several areas of the studio will be set up, but you may bring your own objects to add to these areas or set up your own composition. Working from life (not photos) from a planned composition is a great way to strengthen your design, painting and drawing skills, as well as learning how symbolism and painting style make your work meaningful. If you think you hate still life-challenge your assumptions and see why you should embrace this timeless genre. This workshop assumes previous experience in the medium you bring. Saturday, June 22, 10-4  $150


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More Pastel Interpretations

More Pastel Interpretations!  Kay Brathol-Hostvet  

Soft pastel is a very adaptable medium and is perfect for learning different painting techniques. You'll do three different interpretations from the same photograph. What will Kay come up with this time? Each work in your series will be quite unlike the others! You will be using different papers and styles of application, learning which styles and techniques work best for you. This repeatable workshop is for beginner to advanced levels. All paper will be provided. Beginners to the soft pastel medium should have reasonably good drawing skills.  Sunday, June 23, 10-4  $150


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More information and programs are coming - work in progress.

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