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Whispering Woodlands

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Whispering Woodlands 

a Retreat to Nature for the Creative Mind

classes/workshops in visual arts and more 

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a Retreat to Nature for the Creative Mind

2017 Programs
Under construction, new beginnings! 

Art Retreats in a natural and creative atmosphere.

Offering workshops 
in visual arts and more.

Local, regional, and national instructors.

Enrich, challenge and nurture your creative muse.

Carve out time for yourself; your mind, body, & soul.
Expand your imagination.
Learn, share, relax . . . 

June begins

Happy New Year!

Cold, frigid actually, patchy ice, slopes are dicey, but sunny and enjoying the snow covered woodlands. Animal tracks surround the dome home/studio with straight line paths leading to the feeders from the meadow. Have only seen the racoons once during a warm spell, crows, oppossum and squirrels here on a daily basis. Wintering birds continue to swarm, as Kay would say, it's like an airport out there.

And thus, avoiding programming in the winter months, foregoing the worries of snow, drifting and icy conditions for your travel, making of plans only to cancel, juggling the plowing, salting and preparations. Hmmm, can't say I miss it.  So, programs will begin later, in March with it's promise of spring! In the meantime, I will be offering workshops off site at Olbrich Gardens and Lynn's art supply store on Odana. Also using the down time to do some eco prints, letterpress printing, collage & book arts.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.  






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Fern grotto awaits you - summer 2008

Whispering Woodlands is following the lead of the fern grotto,

growing and stretching it's roots...

Fern Grotto June 2010 - benches almost hidden by growth!

Take time for yourself
. . .

Local color

The decks surrounding the dome provide a tree house feel.

Whispering Woodlands 

a Retreat to Nature for the Creative Mind

classes/workshops in visual arts, writing, and more 




Hourly or day rates available for studio use
 individualized or small group instruction
work in solitude or in partnership
s   p   a   c   e       t  o      s  p  r  e   a  d       o  u  t.


 * 1600 Speedway Rd * Verona, WI * USA * 53593 *
Phone: (608) 848-9761
Located just minutes from Madison WI

Latest Updates:  Feb 24, 2017

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(608) 848-9761 or email  

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 "A retreat can be anything that allows us to intentionally enter another world where time slows to nonexistence, silence prevails and a certain tranquility permeates the atmosphere."  20 Minute Retreats Rachel Harris, Ph.D.


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